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The Top Ways Of Protecting Your Phone

Mobile devices are used in everyday life – it is an essential requirement. It keeps files, contacts, notes – many people rely on their phone for many things.

Starting off with the basics of protecting your phone:

  • Locking the device – adding a password can stop anybody from accessing your files without your permission.
  • Minimise the data – on some occasions people store important files on their phone; this can easily become lost or hacked.
  • Find me services – on apple devices, there is a find me app that can locate your phone if it’s lost – if you can’t find it, there is an option to wipe your data from a lost/stolen device.

Some more advanced ways of protecting your device:

  • Be careful on what you download – if you download illegal files etc, it can allow a virus access to your files that can steal your information – download items from trusted sources.
  • Use security updates – technology is always advancing, so on your phone you must keep up to date with all the updates so you can stay protected with the security updates.
  • Turn off wireless networks when not using – some Wi-Fi networks that your phone automatically connects to, can have malicious software, allowing a third party to access your files.

Of course, protecting your phone from damage, such as dents, scratches and chips is essential too. Exterior damage can eventually lead to damage with the technology of your phone, and can inturn be the cause of lost data. To protect your phone from exterior damage, shop for your phone case here.

Data backup is the new trend

To prevent the loss of data, backup systems are avaliable to store your data and files until a further date and keeps it safe.

Now on the iPhone it is known that they provide this protection by a connection to a laptop or desktop through iTunes – it can even save what apps and the location of them. Many other phone providers also have backup protection.

On many android phones, you have to download an app to backup your data – the best apps to download are below:

  • App backup & restore
  • Backup your mobile
  • Cloud storage (Price varies across devices)
  • CM backup

Learn more about backup on other devices, e.g. laptops.


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