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Data Backup

Sometimes, technology being technology things can often go wrong! It can be a pain, but with a data backup plan, there is a less of a worry about all your data going missing.

Below are some things that can go wrong that may delete your data:

  • A failed hardware/hard drive
  • A virus
  • A hack on your system
  • Actual physical damage
  • Accidental delete
  • Gets stolen
  • Lost

A data backup archives files and folders so you are able to store them in case of a loss of data, or just for future references.

If you are responsible for a whole businesses data, or just really important files, or memories – it is always best to get it backed up just in case, you never know what could happen.

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Fast and easy process

Using a connection on the internet that is secure, your data (files, documents, images, etc.) will then become fully encrypted – no third party can view any of your data and is secure. Now, when that gets done, a company’s software will run to make sure there will be no loss.

 The best things about a data backup:

  • additional security
  • recovery from online software is much more efficient
  • you can use different devices
  • saves a lot of time and money

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