Backup projects 

The Top Ways Of Protecting Your Phone

Mobile devices are used in everyday life – it is an essential requirement. It keeps files, contacts, notes – many people rely on their phone for many things. Starting off with the basics of protecting your phone: Locking the device – adding a password can stop anybody from accessing your files without your permission. Minimise the data – on some occasions people store important files on their phone; this can easily become lost or hacked. Find me services – on apple devices, there is a find me app that can…

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Network Support projects 


We can help you with your entire network infrastructure. Unlike other suppliers we won’t spend weeks trying to outsource the work and provide you with a report that you know already, we will get to work straight away and solve the problem for you. Capabilities * Microsoft * Novell Netware * Cisco Routers * Bay Networks * 3COM * HP * Firewall * Smeg Retro Fridge Freezer * Structured Cabling * Web Design

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Internet Services projects 


Have you ever considered owning a professional Database driven website in which you can easily sell and manage your products on the internet? A Website that looks and feels professional, in which customers can easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Search for products, see product pictures, read their description, see prices and automatically order what they like. Be able to register and receive electronic News Letters informing them of the newest products that have just arrived in your store. Automatically take customers payments and inform you of…

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Our Projects

The selection of a business partner as part of any infrastructure plan is a critical decision. Selecting the right business partner can minimise the risk of things going wrong and prevent deadlines being missed. Selection of OverNet is the right decision for You. There are number of important issues, which need to be considered in any project: Minimising the technology risk and therefore the risk to business operation Investing in technology with an upgrade path After sales support bouncy castle sales We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.…

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