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The Top Ways Of Protecting Your Phone

Mobile devices are used in everyday life – it is an essential requirement. It keeps files, contacts, notes – many people rely on their phone for many things. Starting off with the basics of protecting your phone: Locking the device – adding a password can stop anybody from accessing your files without your permission. Minimise the data – on some occasions people store important files on their phone; this can easily become lost or hacked. Find me services – on apple devices, there is a find me app that can…

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Data Backup

Sometimes, technology being technology things can often go wrong! It can be a pain, but with a data backup plan, there is a less of a worry about all your data going missing. Below are some things that can go wrong that may delete your data: A failed hardware/hard drive A virus A hack on your system Actual physical damage Accidental delete Gets stolen Lost A data backup archives files and folders so you are able to store them in case of a loss of data, or just for future…

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